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Yoga for ME/CFS

Yoga has some amazing gifts to offer everyone, but I think it is especially helpful for those of us that have experienced loss - whether that be loss of our hopes and dreams, loss of our health, and even the loss of connection with someone we love.


Yoga helps to bring us balance, it helps us to face the reality of our situation and yet at the same time it brings something new that we may have lost sight of - it brings openness and it brings us truth. Yoga can help us to be honest about what is happening in our life, and at the same time it provides a space where we can both expand and retract - allowing us to be courageous and persistent despite our obstacles, and yet also to retreat and seek solace inside when we cannot find the strength to be anything other than exhausted.


In the West we have a tendency to think of yoga purely as the physical postures (asanas) -which do help by moving stagnant energy and keeping the body mobile, but yoga has so much more to offer our healing. Breathing practices that help to calm or energise our physical bodies and balance a stressed out nervous system are key, as are deeply healing relaxations. Beyond even these, the philosophy of yoga helps us to develop acceptance and to live from the heart in spite of our difficulties.


In addition to teaching yoga, I am also a qualified life coach and teacher, and therefore bring some of these skills to my classes, thus offering a range of ideas and techniques that can all help to lift a weary mind and tired body.


I have personal experience of chronic fatigue and am fully aware how easy it is to become exhausted, so please be assured that these classes focus on you and are a place to unwind, where you are welcome to come just to rest and retreat for a little while.


Please visit the Availability page for details regarding current classes.

Life Coaching. Life Coach. Yoga. Leeds. Coeliac. ME / CFS.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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