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Life Coaching. Life Coach. Yoga. Leeds. Coeliac. ME / CFS.

Yoga is an ancient and beautiful philosophy for living.  It is steeped in history and over 5,000 years of experiential learning, and whilst it retains much of its inherent tradition, it also has the wisdom to evolve.  This is particularly important when we consider that the real benefit of practicing yoga is that it increases our self-awareness and helps us to live lives that are true to our inner being.

In the West we sometimes think of yoga as a purely physical practice - a series of postures which when successfully undertaken lead to lithe and flexible bodies that look more beautiful.  This completely misses the point of the true benefits of yoga and all that it has to offer us.

Yoga, when practiced regularly, brings us closer to our hearts - it helps us to reach within and discover the things that really matter to us and it gives us a framework from which we can come to understand how the choices that we make affect us and those in our lives.  Yoga teaches us to be strong and flexible in body and mind. 

I am a fully qualified (BWY) yoga teacher and teach classes that are suitable for beginners and improvers, and have also done specific training to teach those with ME (Myalgic Encephalopathy)/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) - something that I have suffered from myself. These classes are suitable for wheelchair users. 

My style of teaching is primarily Hatha (pronounced Ha-ta) Yoga and classes incorporate a combination of asanas (postures), and pranayama (breathing practices), along with relaxation and a little yoga philosophy - all designed to bring flexibility, strength, and peace to the body and mind. 
Yoga teaches that each and every one of us is a bright light, a divine spark that gets covered over through our life circumstances, experiences and conditioning.  Thankfully yoga also teaches us ways to move through these layers (koshas) and remove avidya - the ignorance which keeps us in the dark.  Yoga can initially be a purely physical practice, though many discover that there is a deepening need to understand our true self and discover the Atman (self/spirit) within.
For more specific information about yoga, please click here for a printable PDF version of my brochure. 

This life is short, and it is magical.  I feel that we have a responsibility to live it as well as we possibly can, and to work through our natural obstacles in order to do so.  It is truly amazing that we are here at all, and our lives are surely better spent moving beyond our fears and embracing our opportunities.  Yoga helps us to do this more than any other practice I know.  


“We will never again have the chance to be born into a body like this one.”

Kala Rinpoche

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