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Dying and Living Workshop


An important and positive exploration of Dying


and its opposite -


Living a Vital, Wonderful Life


Come and do both in this unique, thought provoking, and life enhancing workshop.

My current passion is in encouraging people to talk about dying - so that each of us can avoid unnecessary and stressful decisions when we come to the end of our lives - and also because I have found that there is growing demand from the health sector, charities, and physicians to improve our relationship with our mortality.

According to a report by Macmillan, "thousands of cancer patients would prefer to die at home but are forced to suffer “traumatic” deaths in hospital..." primarily because "Taboos around talking about death are fuelling a “crisis of communication” in the UK that prevents people from planning their final days...


(REF: The Independent.  Forster, K.  Friday 28 April 2017)


To help encourage this much needed debate, I have written and produced a ground breaking one day workshop, recognising that our life is precious, but finite. 


My knowledge and experience combine to make this a truly special opportunity to help reduce fears around dying, know what choices and preparations can (and need to) be made - both personally and to safeguard our loved ones, and it also lights the spark, ensuring we are living well now, making the most of the life that we are here to enjoy, and so supporting our mental and emotional wellbeing.


The day consists of two parts:

  • In the first half we will consider our end of life choices, with short/longer term planning, so that we can be prepared - for ourselves and our loved ones.  This helps us to let go of the fear and stigma surrounding the certainty that we will all die one day, whilst raising awareness that significant decisions will need to be made.


  • In the second half we will contrast this with looking at how we are living now, and ensuring we are making the most of this gift of life, so that when our time comes we have few regrets and much to look back on with pride, heartfelt joy, and gratitude.


Attendance is suitable for anyone who wishes to become more aware of their choices around dying - both practically, and emotionally - balanced with looking at what it means to live well.  It could also provide an innovative group or staff development initiative as part of an in-house wellbeing programme.



A one day workshop from 10am to 5pm with two short refreshment breaks and approximately one hour lunch break. 

I deliver the workshop at your venue.  Room hire and refreshment expenses therefore covered by you.  My travel expenses are included within a distance of 30 miles from LS1 (Leeds) - beyond which additional time and expenses are negotiable.

Maximum 15 people per workshop.


£1,050 inclusive for up to 15 people, equal to as little as £70.00 per person for a full day, life enhancing, workshop.


£945 inclusive for registered charities, thus £63.00 per person for a full group of fifteen.


Resource handouts will be provided.


No hidden costs - attendees only require their own paper/journal and pen.


To find out more, and check availability, please contact me HERE

Mountain Lake

"The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it."

Henry David Thoreau

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