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Creative Life Coaching and Journalling Workshops

2¼ hour creative, inspiring workshop                             £20.00

Or pay cash on the day but must reserve a place

Free trial for Life Coaching


I offer a free introductory life coaching session.  This helps us both to establish if we wish to work together and will provide you with the information that you need to make a choice as to whether Life Coaching will be helpful to you. 


In the initial life coaching session we will talk about you, your life, your goals and what you would really love to achieve through coaching.  We will normally find at least one goal that excites and inspires you and begin to consider ways of moving towards it.


If you then decide that coaching is not for you, there is no obligation, and at the very least we will have spent an hour together, exploring and talking about your life. 


Life Coaching


Regular sessions, held weekly or fortnightly provide the best opportunity to keep you maintaining the enthusiasm and commitment to the changes you wish to make, whilst you establish a more positive way of life.  If your circumstances would make this difficult, I am happy to discuss something more tailored to your needs.


Introductory session                                                          Free of Charge


Life Coaching session (60 minutes)                                  £40.00


Pre-paid blocks of 6 or 12 sessions are available.         Please contact me to discuss rates 


Yoga for ME/CFS


ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia class (1.5 hours)                            £7.50




Initial Taster session (1.5 hours)                                       £5.00


Drop-in session (1.5 hours)                                               £7.50


4 weeks paid in advance                                                    £28.00  


If low income makes yoga prohibitive, please contact me to discuss possible concessions.


Coeliac Coaching


Coaching session (60 minutes)                                         £25.00

(10% of this fee is passed on to Coeliac UK as a charitable donation to support their vital work.) 




Before making payment please contact me to organise a coaching session or to reserve a place at a yoga class.


Payment for block bookings needs to be made in advance of first session/class.


Payment can be made by cash, cheque, or via PayPal.

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Life Coaching. Life Coach. Yoga. Leeds. Coeliac. ME / CFS.

“Reach high, for stars lie hidden in you. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.”

Rabindranath Tagore

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