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Coeliac FAQs

Where does coeliac coaching take place?


I usually coach by phone, or via Skype* or email from almost anywhere at all.  Distance coaching can be a very effective method of coaching, enabling a greater focus on the conversation without distractions, and of course means that it can take place in the comfort of your home or office, avoiding any unnecessary travel costs and making best use of your time.  Face to face coaching may also be possible on request. 


* Skype enables you to call another Skype user free of charge from anywhere in the world providing you have access to broadband internet with a microphone/headset. The application is free to download and you can do this by visiting


What can I expect from a session?


This depends on where you most need guidance.  I can either help with the possible frustration you may feel in the early stages of diagnosis, or provide more practical help regarding safe food preparation and eating well.  I also have some useful pointers for eating out and travelling as a coeliac.


How long is a session?


Each session lasts for a maximum of 60 minutes. 


How many sessions may I need?


I would suggest that one or two sessions will be sufficient to get you motivated and aware of the main things to consider, but it is difficult to be specific without knowing your exact needs.  In addition, I can email you some useful links to get you started.


As mentioned, my own health did not recover by simply following a gluten free diet.  I therefore offer a service to discuss the possible reasons for this, and offer some suggestions that you may wish to consider if you are in a similar situation.  Again, I would suggest that a couple of sessions will be sufficient to pass on the essentials, but more may be required if you wish to delve a little deeper.  Again, I can email links to some of the most helpful websites and recommended books.

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