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Coeliac and Fatigue

Coeliac Coaching


I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2008, after over 26 years of suffering from a range of digestive disorders and discomfort that affected much of my life, and that were constantly diagnosed as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  Eventually I insisted on going into hospital for a biopsy which confirmed what I had myself long suspected, but naturally hoped wasn't true. 


For almost five years I strictly followed a gluten free diet and yet I still didn't fully recover.  In fact, for a couple of years I actually got worse, leading up to the point where I had to resign from my work owing to severe chronic fatigue.  It eventually became apparent that there were other issues complicating the picture.  It has taken a vast amount of personal time and research to establish a life beyond coeliac disease, but I am now a different person - and yes, I do love my food!


I am happy to help if you are in the early stages of diagnosis and just want a friendly and experienced ear to hear your frustration or guide you through the essentials, and can provide some good links and information for this stage of your recovery.  I also have some useful pointers for eating out and travelling as a coeliac. 


Beyond Gluten Free


However, if you are finding that a gluten free diet is not relieving all your symptoms (statistics suggest that this could be as many as 60% of us) and you are in need of further guidance, then please do get in touch, as I genuinely believe that there are ways that I can help you.  A struggling digestive system can have more complex issues that simply following a gluten free diet will never resolve. 




As mentioned above, I have personal experience of chronic fatigue and its incredibly debilitating effects.  Thankfully I also have years of yoga practice too.  I am certain that the philosophy of yoga, and its more gentle physical practices and soothing healing relaxations contributed to moving beyond the state of being permanently tired, to one of being energised and enthusiastic about life once again, able to work, socialise, eat, breathe and sleep with ease.  Changing my diet was the other major contributor to recovering my health. 


Yoga helps us to move the body - even the movement of breathing correctly can have a hugely beneficial impact on the body.  Gently moving our joints can free up energy blockages and lead to greater health and vitality.  Relaxation provides space for recovery and rejuvenation.  Yoga philosophy provides reason and wisdom and helps us to treat ourselves more kindly.  Yoga certainly does not require a high degree of flexibility or strength - though you may gain these with continued practice.  Indeed it is often said that if you are breathing you are practicing yoga - though of course it is even more beneficial if you are breathing correctly! 

Life Coaching. Life Coach. Yoga. Leeds. Coeliac. ME / CFS.

"One day I realised how little energy I gave to myself and my own needs to feel good in this life."

Debbie Eastwood

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