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Coaching FAQs

Isn’t it selfish of me to prioritise my own needs and spend time on myself?


No – when we are truly happy and doing the right things for us, we release enormous amounts of energy that are no longer being used to keep us suppressed and stressed out – we can then pass that on to our loved ones and associates by being happier, more committed and more energised in everything with do – and we are MUCH nicer to be around!


But I have great friends that I talk to, isn’t that enough?


It may be - but talking to someone who is independent of your life, someone who doesn’t have any particular involvement in your life other than to help you make sure you are living at your happiest, means that you can discuss things in confidence, without fear of judgement.  You can give a voice to your wildest, craziest, dreams without them being laughed at or mocked by others.  This gives real freedom to the process, and of course, time is often scarce when you catch up with your friends, and they want you to listen to them too!


That’s why working with me, to focus on yourself for around an hour a week is so much more likely to help you find the peace and happiness that you really want and deserve in your life, and so much quicker.


How long is a session?


Each session lasts for a maximum of 60 minutes. 


In addition, each week, you will have to give some thought and probably take action towards moving your life in the direction that you wish it to go – but since you are probably already expending time and energy feeling fed up with your existing way of living, think how much nicer it will feel to be actively moving your life in the right direction, and with full support from me too.


Where does coaching take place?


I usually coach by phone, or via Skype* or email from almost anywhere at all.  Distance coaching can be a very effective method of coaching, enabling a greater focus on the conversation without distractions, and of course means that it can take place in the comfort of your home or office, avoiding any unnecessary travel costs and making best use of your time.  Face to face coaching may also be possible on request. 


* Skype enables you to call another Skype user free of charge from anywhere in the world providing you have access to broadband internet with a microphone/headset. The application is free to download and you can do this by visiting


What happens in a session?


We will usually start by establishing what you feel you most want to achieve, then review any steps that you have taken since the last session, consider any obstacles, and discuss what new steps you may need to take.  In essence, we will review last week, move ahead this week and maintain our vision on the future. 


Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, though of course, the more frequent they are, generally speaking, the sooner you will be moving forward.


How many sessions will I need?


You may require anything from one session to around twelve, though after 3 or 4 sessions you will begin to gain greater self-awareness.  It is generally felt that 3 months is an effective period for you to make significant changes. We can also discuss taking a break and coming back again later – but there is no specific reason not to continue – the decision would be entirely yours.


The first two or three sessions are usually spent exploring what you really know about yourself – looking at all the things that are important in your life, and then we begin to explore your dreams, finally establishing how you can make them happen.  As you can imagine, this will vary from person to person, and it may also be the case that there are several aspects of your life you wish to work upon, but all that will become clear as we work together. 


How do I stop if I don’t think coaching is for me?


You may stop working with me at any time.  Life is demanding and varied, and at no point do I wish to add to your existing commitments by making you feel pressured to work with me – but it should be pointed out, that if you are unable to make a commitment to yourself now, you are likely at some point to come full circle and decide to do so. 


Is the coaching industry regulated?


No, however there are a number of coaching organisations that a coach can join that practice self-regulation and work to strict ethics.  I qualified (with distinction) through The Coaching Academy.  Although I am a qualified Life Coach, I am not certified to provide therapy for major trauma, but coaching can lead you to understanding that help and guidance from other professionals is necessary. 


How does being a trained coach qualify you to tell me how to lead my life?

It doesn't and a good coach wouldn't dream of telling you how to lead your life. Without doubt however, a coach will question what you do and how you do it, as a result of which you might begin to realise that there are other ways to achieve the joy and ease that you seek.

Life Coaching. Life Coach. Yoga. Leeds. Coeliac. ME / CFS.

“We can never know what the future holds, but we can decide how much to give to the journey. Be generous - you are giving to yourself."

Debbie Eastwood

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