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About Me

I’m just like you really.  Someone who has chosen to look at their life and see how they could make it better.  I have worked through my own tough questions, made some really hard decisions, and put genuine commitment into creating a life that I love.   That said, life is a journey, and I continue to keep on learning, challenging myself to grow and aiming to ensure that I truly live the experience of my life.


My experience comes from lovely connections and discussions with people of all backgrounds, and at all levels - through being a secretary; arts administrator; office manager; teacher, coach, colleague, daughter, partner and friend.  It is that which inspires me.  I truly believe that all human beings have the capacity and inner knowledge to do and be exactly what we most want to – but in our busy lives, and over a period of time, we begin to convince ourselves that these things only 'happen to others'.


I do not believe that.


  • I believe that staying small does none of us any good.  We have a purpose here and, if nothing else, our purpose is to live with energy, enthusiasm and commitment in the life that we have chosen.


  • Living any other way is cheating ourselves out of the opportunity to live to our best potential – to be happy, emotionally and financially stable, and to truly love our lives and the people in them.


  • Of course, that doesn’t mean that every single day and everything we do will be without its ups and downs – but it does mean that because for the majority of time you will be completely contented and excited by your life, you will see these moments for what they truly are – the times that make us dig deep and learn about who we really are, and by which we grow.  For me, obstacles are really opportunities. 


  • I believe that we can ALL shine.  Why would any of us choose to do anything else?


If we stop to consider how vast the universe is, how small our world is within it, and how short a time we spend on this earth, surely we should be packing every minute with things that we love and not spending so much of our time on things we don’t like or worrying about the opinions and judgements of others. 


As well as being a qualified life coach (see Links page) and offering coaching for those who have been diagnosed with coeliac disease, I am a qualified (BWY) yoga teacher (see Yoga page for more information).  I have also written a children’s book, as yet to be published, and love being creative.  I have also recovered from serious health issues and have found ways to heal and nurture my body and my mind to bring the ease that I craved for so long.  Oh, and those that know me well will tell you I’m nuts about Orangutans!


The choices I have made are MY choices – to fill my life with things and people I love and thus be able to live a happy and fulfilling life.  A life that I am proud of.


I honestly believe that each of us has everything we need to live our life in our own way, but we are often too busy to take the time and stillness required to hear the voice within that is often yelling at us to be heard - what I came to call "the woodpecker tapping on my wooden head" - until I finally got fed up of the pain of inaction and did what it had long desired!


I am not religious, and have no particular direction I wish you to follow me in; I simply want to use the experience and training that I have had to help you make choices that work for you too. Like you perhaps, I didn’t always feel these things were possible, but when I began to put my own needs first, and to truly listen to my heart and not the chattering negativity of my mind, I saw that all things are possible; we just need to live with focused intention.


My personal view is that there is a force much bigger than us - whether you call it Divine Energy, Universal Life Force, Consciousness, the Great Mystery, God - or whatever definition feels most appropriate to you - something larger than the individual pieces of this life, something overseeing, something that we can either connect with for its guidance, or push against and lose all flow.  The laws of physics state that everything is energy - and that energy cannot be created or destroyed, simply changed.  Working to uncover our deepest selves ensures we are channelling our energy in ways that are beneficial to us and the world around us.

Life Coaching. Life Coach. Yoga. Leeds. Coeliac. ME / CFS.

“It is not for you to take responsibility for other people’s disappointments - or for them to carry yours.  We each make our own choices.”

Debbie Eastwood

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